About us

If your ambition is to become a Naturopathic and Holistic Medicine practitioner, then you have come to the right place! We take pride in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students everything they require to become competent healthcare practitioners - from the Bachelors, through to the Masters and finally the Doctoral degree in Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine - you may complete the Doctorate in 5 years or less, depending on previous education and exemptions obtained. We also cater to practitioners and graduates who just want to take a standalone Diploma course or two, without taking the degree courses - there are more than 40 high-calibre online Diploma courses to choose from.

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Admissions Policy

The Admissions Policy is relatively simple - first complete the online Application Form and send it directly to us for assessment, along with transcripts, degree and diplomas of previous education. We will prepare an Enrolment Agreement with the courses that you will be required to complete, along with any exemptions. When this is signed off, then we will send instructions on how to begin your studies immediately.

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All our courses have been accredited by the School of Integrative and Complementary Medicine, University of America, USA and the degrees are awarded by the University of America directly, after we present your transcript to them, with all requirements completed. The amount of credits and clock hours studied for each degree should be more than adequate to join any reputable Association around the world as a Naturopathic and Holistic Medicine practitioner.

Diploma courses

Diploma courses

We also cater to students, graduates and practitioners who are interested in completing one of our stand-alone, online Diploma courses, with certification. There are over 40 Diploma courses to choose from covering all aspects of Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine. Most contain videos, online assignments after each lesson, a timed final exam online, downloadable pdf files for offline study and other rare downloadable e-Books of historical interest. Students will have their own gradebook as they go through the course at their own pace. A signed and embossed certificate will be issued after the completion of the Diploma course.

Begin an exciting career as a healthcare practitioner

Earn your Doctor of Naturopathy & Holistic Medicine in 5 years or Less!

Diploma courses

How it works

  • 1 Choose the Degree path

    Depending on your existing level of education, you can choose either the Bachelors, the Masters or the Doctoral degree in Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine

  • 2 Apply for Admission

    You will need to complete an Application Form and send your transcripts, degrees and C.V. for assessment.

  • 3 Begin your studies

    As soon as your transcripts are reviewed, you will receive an Enrolment Agreement specifying what exemptions you have received for existing studies, as well as the courses you would need to complete for the degree in question. Once you sign this, then you are ready to begin your studies towards becoming a Naturopathic and Holistic Medicine Practitioner

  • 4 Diploma Courses

    Students, graduates and healthcare practitioners can choose to take the online, stand-alone Diploma courses without pursuing a degree path. There are over 40 Diploma courses to choose from, and are all high-quality courses averaging 75-150 clock hours of study, or 5 to 10 US Credit hours. They are enriched with images, videos, downloadable pdf files for offline study, downloadable rare e-Books of historical interest, with some courses having downloadable health Encyclopedias.


Simply complete the Application Form and send us your transcripts of past education and we will revert with an Enrolment Agreement detailing the courses you would be required to complete, along with any exemptions. Once accepted, you will be ready to begin your studies immediately!